Angkasa Pura Airports Initiates Integrated Travel and Tourism Masterplan Development for Solo Raya

05 Oct 2017

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SURAKARTA - Angkasa Pura Airports initiated the creation of Solo Raya's integrated travel and tourism master plan in focus group discussion (FGD) event entitled Collaborative Destination Development (CDD) Solo Raya on Thursday (05/10/2017) at Aston Solo Hotel, Surakarta. With the theme of "500 Thousand Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Solo Raya in 2025" this is a follow-up to a similar event conducted in Surakarta in November 2015.

CDD is a collaboration forum of various tourism industry stakeholders in the area initiated by Angkasa Pura Airports since 2015. CDD aims to support the development of regional tourism potential in the central and eastern regions of Indonesia, so that the tourism sector can serve as a motor development of the region and improve the welfare of the community.

"In 2025 targeted that 3.5 million tourists come to Solo Raya, consisting of 3 million domestic tourists and 500 thousand foreign tourists. This target is believed to be very possible to be achieved given that until 2016, the number of tourists visiting Solo Raya amounted to 2.1 million people. Angkasa Pura Airports held a series of Solo Raya CDD activities with several phases. CDD Solo Raya 2017 this time was held to initiate the making of integrated travel and tourism master plan Solo Raya, "explained by Director of Angkasa Pura Airports Danang S. Baskoro.

In this masterplan, continued Danang, there are several points discussed, namely the main eco-heritage-cultural tourism, infrastructure (human resources, tourism, and culinary), human resources development, tourism-friendly culture, security, air policy adjustments, investment stimuli, environmental conservation plans, and marketing.

The main issues in developing the tourism of Solo Raya are those related to the relatively low flight load factor, the lack of knowledge of prospective foreign tourists and tourists on Solo Raya tourism, Adi Soemarmo Airport readiness, the intemoda transportation readiness of Adi Soemarmo Airport, and the status of Adi Soemarmo Airport Solo prepared by the Ministry of Transportation as a new hub beside the Soekarno Hatta Airport.

"In addition, the promotion of tourism at the international level, stimulus support from the Ministry of Tourism, Borobudur which became the priority destination of the Ministry of Tourism to become '10 Bali Baru', and Joglosemar which made the Ministry of Tourism as' Top 10 Branding Destination'," he added.

Related to Angkasa Pura Airports' contribution to Solo Raya tourism development, Director of Marketing and Space Services Pura Airports Moch. Asrori said that Angkasa Pura Airports after holding CDD in 2015 has made several efforts to support the development of the tourism sector. "Among them is the addition of the number of taxi fleets operating in airports from 80 units to 100 units since January 2017, the activities of Airport Running Series (ARS) in 2015 to attract tourists to Solo, and Batik Day fashion show in September 2016. Also the construction of airport trains with the track planned Yogyakarta-Maguwo-Solo Balapan-Adi Soemarmo Airport railway targeted for completion in August 2018, expansion and beautification of passenger terminals with completion targets in December 2017, and participation in the 2017 Asia Routes event in Okinawa Japan to promote Solo Raya,"explained by Asrori.

Arief Yahya as the Tourism Minister welcomed Angkasa Pura Airports in developing this Solo Raya destination. "This is an action in spurring the spirit of Indonesia Incorporated, and the real action is created by Angkasa Pura Airports by initiating the making of Solo Raya's integrated tourism masterplan.In the national tourism map, Joglosemar (Jogja-Solo-Semarang) has been decided to be one of '10 Bali Baru', the icon of Borobudur, Joglosemar's destination,"said by Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.

Arief was happy to admit because the initiation came from the airport operator, namely Angkasa Pura Airports. Because, in the development of tourism destinations and industries, the airport is an important component of 3A (Attractions, Access, Amenitas). "Access itself there are three more A, namely Airports, Airlines, and Airnav / Authority, in this case the Ministry of Transportation. If the initiating airport, it is one point of progress that needs to be greeted happily,"Arief Yahya said.

The minister is a native people fromBanyuwangi, he also stated that there is a need to develop access interconnection in Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang (Joglosemar) tourist areas to make it easier for tourists to reach various destinations. Important factors if addressed directly will affect the success of tourism in the area Joglosemar, for example, Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulonprogo, will definitely strengthen access to Joglosemar, in addition to Adi Soemarmo Airport Solo, and Ahmad Yani Airport Semarang.

"Access land or toll connecting Joglosemar region should be smoothly so that tourists can enjoy travel packages across the three cities," said by Minister Arief Yahya. [DR / AH]